Counselor's Page

Welcome to the Coolidge Junior High and High School Counseling Department. We offer our counseling program to students, parents, and staff. Counselors provide developmental and preventative guidance counseling instruction for life long learning. Our counselors strive to reach all students and help them prepare for their academic future.

We address students’ needs in three main areas: Academic, Career/Post-Graduate, and Personal/Social. Students first meet counselors during their 6th grade tour of the Coolidge campus and will continue to meet with counselors each year for assistance as they make their way through their Junior High and High School experience.

The staff is committed to the students and the academic excellence of the school and looks forward to working with all parents and students each year. At Coolidge Junior High and High School, we encourage parents and students to communicate with teachers, counselors, and administrators with questions, concerns, and good news regarding your student. Open communication is a vital component for successful and positive school experiences.