Barbie Marley

Hello My Name Is...

<Barbie Marley (Sappington)>


Barbie is a lifelong Coolidge resident and super proud to come from a small diverse city.  She attended Coolidge schools K-12 and graduated in 1987.  She has always loved going to school and learning, and was active in many clubs, band, student government, and played basketball and track.  After graduation she attended Brigham Young University to study political science, completing her undergraduate degree in 1993.  The following year she returned to Coolidge to raise her kids.

  She was s substitute teacher for CUSD on and off from 1988-1998, and beginning in 1997 she became the substitute teacher coordinator for CUSD. In 2003 she began working full-time as a teacher at the CHS Success Center located at Central Arizona College covering all Social Studies courses, transferring to Coolidge High School in 2009 as a teacher of American Government and Economics. 

 Barbie is very involved in school activities and clubs, sponsoring the Native American Tribes group, SADD/STAND, and the class of 2018.  She has been a mentor teacher, and a basketball coach.  She tries hard to encourage her students to have a broad outlook on their futures and believe that they are not limited, and not be afraid of hard work.  

 Barbie has four children who have all gone through Coolidge schools, three of whom are currently attending college.   She feels very strongly in being active in the community and church and participates in as much as she can.  Her favorite things to do are watch documentaries, pull weeds, travel, camp/hike, build stuff, and hang out with her kids.         


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